Alexis Wellwood

Principle Investigator   · email · CV

Alexis' research focuses on how meaning is expressed in natural language, and on how speaker understanding of the meanings of words and sentences relates to cognitive function both in adulthood and in development. She received her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Maryland in 2014, and has been an Assistant Professor at Northwestern since fall of 2014. She is the author or co-author of numerous journal articles in natural language semantics and language acquisition, and she is presently working on a book manuscript.

Casey Colby

Lab Manager & Software Developer   · alum of 2015-2017

Casey received her B.A. in Economics and Linguistics in June 2015 from Northwestern University. Her focus has since shifted towards Computer Science and the intersection of business and technology. She has been attending classes and designing/coding projects for web/mobile in and out of the lab, and she is interested in how the ChiLDlab can apply Computer Science to automate data capture, visualization, and sharing. As a jazz/latin pianist and drummer, when not in the lab Casey enjoys making music, exploring Chicago's music scene, and learning to DJ.

Haley Farkas

Graduate Student   · alum of 2015-2017

Haley is a 2nd year Linguistics PhD student at Northwestern. She received her B.A. in Linguistics with a specialization in Cognitive Science from Michigan State University in 2015. Her research interests include natural language semantics and child language acquisition. Her non-research interests include hanging out with her dog.

Daniel Tucker

Graduate Student   · alum of 2015-2017

Daniel is a 4th year Linguistics PhD student. His research focuses on morphosemantics, with an emphasis on links between cognitive psychology and linguistic theory. Specifically, Daniel is interested in tying what we know about the world's languages (i.e. typological linguistic universals) with theories of how adults and children represent meanings. Daniel's previous research has focused on writing systems analysis and models of cross-linguistic perceptual span size differences. His other interests include Altaic languages, ancient languages, curriculum design and development, teaching, and the gameification of language learning.

Rita Hirami

Research Assistant   · alum of fall 2015, academic year 2016-2017, summer 2017

Rita is a senior undergraduate student, majoring in Sociology and Linguistics. Her academic interests are quite varied, but at present her interests tend mainly towards language acquisition, sociolinguistics, educational policy, and urban studies. Besides working in the ChiLDlab, she's involved in Supplies for Dreams, Best Buddies, and Happiness Club at Northwestern, and she loves to play volleyball and bake in her free time.

Ted Huwe

Research Assistant   · alum of academic year 2016-2017, summer 2017

Ted is an undergrad at Northwestern majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Literature. Ted’s academic interests include bilingualism and language acquisition. Ted spends his free time playing guitar, cooking, and DJing a late night radio show.

Ché Anderson Justice

Research Assistant   · alum of academic year 2015-2017, summer 2017

Ché is an undergraduate student at Northwestern majoring in linguistics and legal studies. Her academic interests include natural language semantics and language acquisition. Outside of the lab, Ché's interests include knitting, taking care of plants, and listening to loud music.

AnnMarie Hilton

Research Assistant   · alum of academic year 2016-2017

AnnMarie is an undergraduate student at Northwestern majoring in journalism with a minor in linguistics. Her academic interests include morphology, semantics and criminal justice reporting. In her free time, she volunteers with Project SOAR, works for the yearbook, and reads historical fiction novels.

Aozora Brockman

Research Assistant   · alum of Winter and Spring 2016

Aozora Brockman graduated in June of 2015 from Northwestern with a degree in Creative Writing. A Japanese-English bilingual, Aozora is interested in studying how both native Japanese and bilingual speakers learn, process, and understand language. Outside of the lab, Aozora writes poetry and nonfiction essays, and dances anywhere and everywhere.

Sabrina Matsuda

Research Assistant   · alum of academic year 2016-2017

Sabrina is an undergraduate student at Northwestern majoring in Linguistics and minoring in German. Her academic interests include sociolinguistics and bilingualism. She spends her free time swimming, making puns, and working at The Daily Northwestern as a print designer.

Rebecca Way

Research Assistant   · alum of academic year 2015-2016, summer 2017

Rebecca is a Northwestern undergrad who is double majoring in Cognitive Science and Linguistics. In Spring 2016, they won the Northwestern Student Employee of the Year Award, and the Linguistic Department's Demoz Prize for excellence in the linguistics program. Academically, Rebecca is interested in natural language semantics, computational semantics, and programming. Rebecca's other interests include board games, sleeping, and having different hair colors.