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Lab members at SWAMP! Friday, October 9, 2015

Rebecca and Nayoun will be representing Northwestern this year at the Semantics Workshop of the American Midwest and Prairies (SWAMP). Rebecca's project (co-authored with Alexis) investigates the ambiguous meanings of sentences like This airplane is flying less high than any plane can fly, and Nayoun's project (co-authored with Masaya Yoshida, and Alexis) investigates the grammatical properties of questions with why in English. Congratulations, gals, and best of luck at the conference!

Rita to Denmark! Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rita will be participating in a program called the Danish Institute for Study Abroad from January-May of 2016, where she will be taking a Danish Language and Culture class, as well as Sociology classes. She is especially excited about a Sociology class called "Learning in Scandinavian Classrooms," since the education system in Scandinavia is very different from that in the US. She will also take an Urban Studies/Sociology course, which includes a weeklong trip to Budapest and Vienna. Only her second time out of the country, she is also hoping to travel to a few other countries after the Danish semester is finished!

New graduate students! Monday, October 5, 2015

Haley Farkas, first year graduate student in the Linguistics department, and Daniel Tucker, third year graduate student in Linguistics, have joined our team! Haley is primarily interested in semantics and language acquisition, and will be heading a lab project aiming to understand how children and adults understand comparisons between sets of events. Daniel is primarily interested in morphology, semantics, and computational modeling, and heads up a lab project aimed at understanding how children and adults understand adjectives like tall and their antonyms, like short.

New research assistants Friday, October 2, 2015

Rebecca Way and Rita Hirami, Northwestern undergraduate students, have joined our team! Rebecca has interests in natural language semantics, computational semantics, and is the brains behind much of the programming currently being done in the lab. Rita is primarily interested in sociolinguistics and anthropology; in the lab, so far she has proven a whiz with designing materials for fun games to play with children.

ChiLDlab: new lab manager Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We are extremely happy to welcome Casey Colby, an alum of Northwestern University's Linguistics Department, to manage the ChiLDlab. Casey has worked in Masaya Yoshida's Syntax lab as well as Matt Goldrick's Sound lab. She was also the 2014-2015 recipient of the NU Linguistics Department's prestigious Demoz Prize, recognizing her high level of engagement in the intellectual life of the department.

Welcome to the ChiLDlab online! Monday, July 20, 2015

The Child Language Development Lab's space is now established, in 102-103 Cresap Laboratory on Northwestern University's Evanston campus! The lab is decorated in warm, bright orange and green colors, and features large windows with a view onto Lake Michigan. In the coming weeks, the lab will continue to grow its space and personnel so that research can begin in earnest when Northwestern's fall quarter begins near the end of September 2015. Along with the physical space, as the lab's digital space is coming together—welcome to the ChiLDlab online!