ChiLDlab is moving! 08. 1.2017

This August, the ChiLDlab will be moving to a new home at the University of Southern California, where our Principal Investigator, Alexis Wellwood, is joining the faculty. As such, we will no longer be running studies in Evanston, but we are excited to tell you about other opportunities to take part in research at Northwestern. The Child Studies Group registry, a collaboration between us and a select group of Northwestern University child development labs, will enable you and your children to hear about more study opportunities on campus. You can find out more, and sign up, click here to go to the Child Studies Group website.

For those families that have visited us, it has been an absolute pleasure having you in our lab and getting to know you! Besides providing valuable information for our research on language, having families like you in the lab is what made our work so fun and rewarding :)