ChiLDlab celebrates the end of its first academic year! 06.13.2016

The Child Language Development Laboratory, affectionately known as the ChiLDlab, is celebrating the end of its first academic year! Last week we held a potluck party at Alexis' house to celebrate our accomplishments since September 2015. And what a year it has been! In just 9 short months, the lab was transformed from an idea and a couple of desktop computers into a bustling research hub for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. This transformation was due in no small part to the creativity and dedication displayed by our lab's manager, Casey Colby, who will be moving into an expanded role next year that includes an emphasis on software development. Under her leadership, our team was able to design and implement multiple research studies belonging to no less than 7 distinct projects, welcome more than 300 children and undergraduate students to participate in those studies, publish an academic paper, and submit 3 further papers for publication. This summer we will relax the pace a little bit, taking some time to assess where we're at, and plan for an even better second year!